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Kellas Glas

We are looking for employees

The dough we are looking for is an experienced, skilled, self-employed Glazier.
You will work practically with assembly and glazing.
We are especially looking for you who want to work and have previously worked with interior glass assembly of doors and parts.
You must be able to measure and order, for example, shower solutions, railings, etc.

Important are:

Sense of service
Flexibility Sense of
Ability to solve “problems” that may arise when installing glass.

We value a positive attitude towards customers, work and colleagues.
Stress resistance and capacity to take in when needed.

Scope : Full-time
Working hours : Mon-Thurs 07.00-16.00 Friday 07.00-14.00
Location : Dalarö

Salary : Individual salary

We apply probationary employment.
For info contact Kalle.

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