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Archipelago jobs

Island jobs are a bit of our niche, so of course we have a work boat, quad bike and trailer to get to the islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

Window joinery:

For special requests or measurements, we manufacture our own windows and doors in our carpentry.

Repairs, Shop windows, Storefronts, Door windows

In the event of a burglary or accident, we are quickly on site to repair windows or broken damage. We stock most standard glass and class 1 wood that is cut or sawn according to your needs on site. We work for insurance companies or directly to the customer.

Fire glass and fire compartments

We deliver and install fire glass and fire lots in all existing classes.

Energy efficiency and sound glass

If you have expensive heating costs or disturb the traffic outside the window, then the windows can be something to look over. We arrange so you get a good glass with a better u-value and seal again, so you do not get cold and drafts. You can also choose noise-canceling glass in different classes to avoid noise.


We perform cutting, grinding, punching and mounting on all types of mirrors.

Shower walls, sauna glass, furnishings, glass railings & splash guards

Here it is only the imagination that sets the limits! If you have ideas, we will find solutions. We also help to sketch or come up with ideas to get the best solution for you. All shower walls, railings and sauna glass are hardened or laminated to comply with the correct safety regulations. All splash guards can be water-cut and painted according to your wishes

Plastic, Plexiglas and Macrolon

If you need boat windows, broken safety glass or burglary protection, we are happy to help.

Lead glass

We repair, re-lead and manufacture new lead frames to order according to your needs and wishes.

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